Architecture PhD Program " Architectural Design"

Architecture Integration PhD Program " Architectural Design"

Architecture PhD Program " Building Science"

Architectural Integrated PhD Programı " Building Science"

Architecture PhD Program " Conservation and Restoration"

Architectural Integrated PhD Programı " Conservation and Restoration"

Elective Courses

Architecture PhD Program " Architectural Design"

- Elective Courses

MMR 501 - Research Methods and Communication Skills
Scientific research methods, scientific research process, research iquiry and hypothesizing, literature survey, internal validity and external generalization, sampling techniques, ethical standards and legal restrictions, data gathering techniques; observation, interviewing, surveys, experimental research, data analysis-statistical analysis, citation, forming the findings and conclusion section, scientific writing rules.

MMR 620 - Theory and Criticism in Architecture
Investigation of the architecture-design-theory relation through expositions from selected sources and seminars.

MMR 689 - Qualification Exam
Topics covered in PhD curriculum courses and related subjects.

MMR 691 - Thesis Proposal
Research subject

MMR 697 - Doctoral Thesis
Subject stated in the Thesis Protocol.

Architecture Integration PhD Program " Architectural Design"

MMR 682 - Seminar
Presentation and discussion of research being done for establishing the conceptual basis of thesis work.

MMR 696 - Special Studies onThesis Subject
Supervised and monitored studies on thesis subject

Architecture PhD Program " Building Science"

MMR 650 - Building Science Workshop
Building-environmental factors relation; applications on designs of different scales and feasibilities; practices of access to and interpretation of information; interpretation of the research to be done by PhD students on their subjects, conveying theoretical knowledge, criticism of applications assigned.

Architectural Integrated PhD Programı " Conservation and Restoration"

MMR 670 - Conservation and Restoration Workshop

Elective Courses

MMR 512 - Design and Communication
In our day of high speed developments in communication, role of efforts in creating effective visual images on design;examples of theories and methods used in communication and design; understanding the generation of the criteria in design communication through study of interdisciplinary work on semantics and developing trends in contemporary design; research on transmission of cultural codes and design communication criteria into design and the design language that is formed, through semantic analysis.

MMR 513 - Reality and Imagination in Design
Research of the factors in a context where design is perceived as representation, as unnatural and imaginary being; identity constituted by design, the relation between the way of communication manifested and design; design product, main theme, the medium created and its ingredients; the reality of the relation between function and representation, and exemplar works related with its visual manifestation.

MMR 514 - Social Change City and Architecture
Readings and research at the urban and architectural scales; study on relation between social structure and space as an interdisciplinary issue; theoretical knowledge in connection with research subject.

MMR 515 - House and Culture Relation
Investigation of housing – culture and identity relations through readings (books / essays) and research done through users of housings with different characteristics and user profiles (such as, squatter housing, gated communities, apartment buildings).

MMR 517 - Architectural History and Theory I
Appraisal of architectural history in terms of the social, political, and cultural contexts of the architectural development in the world and in Turkey; discussions of architectural history and theories in relation with architectural historiography.

MMR 519 - Research Methods for Historic Buildings
Research methods intended for restitution of historic buildings prior to restoration and renovation; access to information about the legal and preservation status of buildings; archival search, research and methods about the history, geography, and archeology of the region that the buildings are found, previous renovations and restorations intended for use; study and assessment of selected historic buildings.

MMR 520 - Architecture, Art and Propaganda
Use of architecture as means of propaganda for different belief systems, aims and ideologies since Antiquity; theoretical knowledge and examples related with the subject; relation of architecture, art, and politics; study of the impact on mass culture through examples of painting, graphic arts, photography, film, sculpture, etc., besides the images created in architectural works.

MMR 611 - Architectural Design Workshop
Presentation, discussion, and turning into an original text of the data and results obtained through research and comparative study done for the thesis subjects being worked on.

MMR 612 - Architectural Research
Introduction of theories related with research techniques in architecture through readings, expositions and discussions; defining by students of a research subject related to architecture-design-planning, evaluating and interpreting information obtained through literature survey and field work (e.g., questionnaires, surveys) with scientific methods.

MMR 614 - Architectural History and Theory II
Architectural knowledge in terms of cognitive, discursive, scientific, technological, aesthetic, artistic, historic and cultural contexts and the pioneer architects and manifestos as of a start.

MMR 617 - Political Economy of Space
Political-economic structuring as the basis of spatial processes; production and organization of space within the framework of the conditions specific to capitalism; space in terms of social relations; concepts related with production and organization of space; links between these concepts and the perceived space; discussion of essays related with the subject and definition of research topics.

MMR 618 - Urban Design
Comparison and discussion of the developments in the fields of the city and urban design, and of the historical formation and transformations of social space in cultural, political, and economic terms.

MMR 643 - Theory of Building Acoustics
Control of sound and sound reflection (echo) in interior space; evaluation of the positive and negative impacts related to acoustics in architectural design; technical precautions needed to be taken in design and during use.

MMR 652 - Architectural Lighting Techniques
Evaluation of the positive and negative impacts of interior lighting in architectural design; detailed knowledge on various subjects Like environmental, lighting, visibility, control of light, etc.

MMR 653 - Advanced Color Theory

MMR 661 - MİM 661 – Research on Preservation and Restoration of Historic Environment
Research on sources, legal statute, and archival documents in relevant institutions (maps, gravure, photograph, probable restoration projects, etc.) in relation with a subject related to the PhD thesis; synthesis based on knowledge obtained through study of the findings.

MMR 676 - Management of Cultural Heritage
Research, preservation, promotion and management of the sources within the scope of cultural heritage; international and national institutions, laws, and resolutions; theoretical and methodical approaches related to the definition and management of cultural heritage; relation between cultural heritage and culture economy-industry (archaelogical and urban historic sites and ruins, museums, re-functionalization of architectural and industrial heritage, etc., with examples from Turkey and abroad)

MMR 680 - Industrial Heritage and Conservation
Definition, scope and aims of industrial heritage and industrial archaeology; retrieval and evaluation of industrial data; documentation of industrial heritage and related processes of production; characteristics, conservation, and re-functionalization of pre-industrial atelier and workshops, and of the early industrial period monuments.